First conclusions post Enlit Europe 2022 event

DATA CELLAR Project was present at the meeting in the booth of the new BRIDGE projects, in the European projects area
Post Enlit Europe 2022

Enlit Europe 2022 was an interesting networking event and a great opportunity to present DATA CELLAR, showcase project objectives and discuss the expected results. DATA CELLAR was present in the booth of the new projects during all three days of the event and participated in the session “Interoperability in Energy Data Spaces” in the EU Projects Zone Hub 1.

The session “Interoperability in Energy Data Spaces” led by int:net included the participation of projects focusing on data spaces in the energy domain: Omega-X, Enershare, DATA CELLAR, Synergies and EDDIE. Following introductions by the int:net project and the European Commission, the representative of each project presented their respective project’s overview and scope, use cases, and communicated the challenges towards the implementation of a Common European Energy Data Space.

Antonis Papanikolaou from QUE TECHNOLOGIES represented DATA CELLAR and highlighted the main objective of the project: the development of a dynamic, interoperable energy-oriented data platform to support the creation and operation of Energy Communities. Project use cases were grouped per target end-user – service developers, energy communities, citizens – and presented as an initial opportunity for alignment and collaboration with the sister projects.

The presentation concluded with the strategic priorities of DATA CELLAR, namely compliance with IDS/GAIA-X, interoperability and digital economy, and the proposal for a joint workshop to build consensus between sister projects at the level of use-cases and high-level requirements for energy data spaces.

In the following panel discussion/round table coordinated by the int:net project, the discussion focused on three main aspects: “privacy, security and acceptance”, “decentralized vs centralized” and “roles in energy data management”. Project representatives discussed the advantages of data spaces in unlocking the value from siloed data for the benefit of the energy system and citizens as active participants; benefits for data owners stemming from their increased control over their data; customer acceptance and engagement toward such concepts that enable the EU data economy and privacy/security issues.

The decentralization principle and architecture of data spaces were stressed, whereby data is stored and managed at the source, thus allowing data governance and sovereignty. The final part of the discussion revolved around the fitness of the current Harmonized Electricity Market Role Model to effectively manage and operate the Energy Data Space; the sufficiency of existing extensions as an outcome of several Horizon 2020 R&D actions; and the mapping of roles to existing actors of the EU energy systems to instill the trust to citizens that is necessary for the EDS to fulfil its promise.

The session took place in front of a full EU Project Zone. The audience showed great interest in the discussed topics and the discussion concluded with all projects deciding to enhance their efforts to coordinate and work in a collaborative manner to ensure interoperability at various levels including use-cases and digital tools.

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