DATA CELLAR will participate in ENLIT 2022 edition

ENLIT is a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of the energy agenda which will be held between 29 November and 1 December
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DATA CELLAR Project will participate in the Enlit, the former Energy Utility Week, between 29th November and 1st December in Frankfurt, Germany. We will be present in the booth of the new projects, in the European projects area (New BRIDGE Projects Corner (12.0.C1048) within the EU Projects Zone, Hall 12 ), together with BEFLEXIBLE, ELECTRON, and ENERSHARE projects. We will be present during the three days presenting our project, our objectives, and the results we expected.

DATA CELLAR will develop a dynamic, interoperable energy-oriented data platform to support the uptake of the Energy Communities leveraging a blockchain-based tokenization scheme for the remuneration in data and pre-trained AI models provisioning/acquisition cycle. DATA CELLAR will support:

  • The need for common dataspaces, focusing on user-friendliness and easy-to-access for non-ICT experts thanks to the availability of a data Marketplace.
  • Cities decarbonization through the creation of energy communities and new user-centric designed and data driven energy services.
  • The advantage of decentralized solution to reward and align the incentives of the stakeholders for any possible services provided to support the evolution of a federated and interoperable DATA CELLAR.


Enlit is considered a journey to tell the stories of the people, projects and technologies driving the energy transition. From source to generation, from grid to consumer, the boundaries of the sector are blurring, and this evolution is being shaped by established players, external disruptors, innovative start-ups and the increasingly engaged end-user.

Enlit brings all these people together to seize current opportunities, spotlight future ones, and inspire the next generation to be part of moving the energy transition forward. And so the Enlit circle begins: a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of Europe’s energy transition.

Enlit Europe is part of a series of events unlike any other – where energy professionals from around the globe come together to collaborate and innovate to solve the most pressing issue in energy. Enlit is a constantly growing, inclusive and end-to-end forum that addresses every aspect of the energy agenda. A community that for 365-days a year collaborates and innovates to solve the most pressing issues in energy. Join us for the latest news, inspiring stories, insights, marketplace, and virtual and live events.

About the other projects in our booth

BEFLEXIBLE aims to increase the flexibility of the energy system, improve cooperation between Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and facilitate the participation of all energy-related stakeholders.

ELECTRON aims at delivering a new-generation EPES platform, capable of empowering the resilience of energy systems against cyber, privacy, and data attacks.

ENERSHARE aims to facilitate the transition of the energy systems towards more smart and decentralized paradigms thanks to the secure data exchange and sharing among all the energy value chain stakeholders.

More about DATA CELLAR

DATA CELLAR aims to create an energy dataspace that will support the creation, development, and management of local energy communities in the EU. The data space population will be facilitated via an innovative rewarded private metering approach, with a focus on an easy onboarding and interaction, guaranteeing a smooth integration with other EU energy data spaces, providing to LEC stakeholders services and tools for developing their activities.

Local Energy Communities (LECs) have been recognised by the European Commission to play a key role in driving the European Union’s energy transition. At the same time, the digitisation of the EU energy system and the proper exchange of data between energy actors seem crucial to foster the exchange of best practices and the creation of a knowledge community to tackle one of the most urgent global crises of our society: climate change.

DATA CELLAR will launch a collaborative platform that will provide an interoperable, modular, and secure energy data space capable of providing access to consumer data. It will operate through decision support tools and artificial intelligence (AI) models to serve and support LECs.

The final public data space will be easy to populate and easy to interact with, it will also ensure seamless interoperability with other EU energy data spaces, and will provide LEC stakeholders with services and tools to develop and better manage their activities.