Joint workshop from PANTERA and SUPEERA last 23 March 2023

PANTERA & SUPEERA organised a joint workshop in Bucharest, on the 23rd of March 2023 to promote the exchange of knowledge & best practices & increasing the involvement of Romanian entities in R&I activities. The goal was to attract Romanian stakeholder’s participation in EU-funded R&I activities & in the Implementation Working Groups of the SET Plan.

The PANTERA project presented the EIRE platform, developed to support a deeper involvement at the EU level of all the EU countries and functions as a reference point for R&I activities in the energy system.

The funding is available for Clean Tech through the European Innovation Council (EIC) and their EIC strategic approach and Innovation funding. The EEA and Norway Grants were also introduced, focusing on successful proposals, the importance of collaboration in European projects, and the quality of research work.

The lack of collaboration between national entities, low national investment in R&I, limited resources and a structural problem were identified also.

The workshop was a step towards enhancing collaboration and promoting research and innovation in Romania and will be the beginning of a series of workshops that will lead this project to Vilnius in May and will end up with the final event in Brussels in June.

More information about the session on  the website of PANTERA project: