Kick-off WP5: data-driven energy services development

Data-driven energy services

We are pleased to announce that DATA CELLAR WP5 has successfully started! WP5, led by UBITECH, aims to provide access to AI models and data-diven energy services by making use of the stored and exchanged data through:

  • Development of a platform for fostering AI accessibility for Energy Communities
  • Development of data driven energy services and software libraries relevant for the management of LECs in EU
  • Integration of these services into a holistic DSS inspired by data-driven modelling approach for the uptake of LECs in EU

TASK 5.1: Artificial intelligence and machine learning libraries for ad hoc data analysis for Energy Communities

To populate DATA CELLAR ecosystem with 10 AI models and publish them on the DATA CELLAR Marketplace as default pre-trained AI models

TASK 5.2 Data-driven digital twin modelling on Energy Communities

To setup a database and “modelling services” leveraging the data available in DATA CELLAR, in order to facilitate the modelling of project validation cases or external users’ energy communities

To create a small interdace to be interactive with DSS in order to help the manager to know if the network is at risk and if it is necessary to send instructions to the customers.

TASK 5.3 Holistic DSS Tool based on DATA CELLAR for Energy Community development (for enabling new market roles, market participants and energy communities’ setup). 

Task 5.5: Algorithmic transparency and explainability

Development of an explainable AI module aimed at: Providing end-users indicators of algorithmic explanations, performance and transparency indicators and inform developers of bias and fairness issues in the data and model uses and offer mitigations techniques (link to T5.1).