PANTERA & SUPEERA: Fostering EU Clean Energy transition in Lithuania

Clean Energy transition in Lithuania. Workshop PANTERA -SUPEERA

“Fostering EU Clean Energy transition in Lithuania” a SUPEERA and PANTERA joint workshop, was held in Vilnius on April 27, 2023. It provided a thorough overview of the European policies, strategies, EU funding programs, and collaboration opportunities available to the Lithuanian research community. The goal was to bring the research community closer to the R&I activities of Europe and encouraging their participation in the SET Plan process.

The experts and stakeholders shared their experience in the project implementation of SUPEERA, which includes mobilization of EU-13 national public research resources in the Clean Energy Transition. Challenges and opportunities were identified (SET Plan and CET – benefits and engagement possibilities, as well as investment and reform measures for Lithuania for CET).

SUPEERA presented the following findings: engagement of Lithuania in H2020 or R&I.  It is important to note that R&I opportunities for collaboration and funding such as: Horizon Europe, the Clean Energy Transition Partnership, Widening Calls, and EEA Grants were presented, as were PANTERA and the EIRIE platform.  

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