Data Cellar Partner Ubitech on the Smart2B innovation webinar

Innovation webinar Smart2b

On April 27, 2023, speakers for the third Smart2B innovation webinar focused on introducing the platform and discussing how a community-enabled smart readiness platform can support the development of an open, competitive market for outside developers of energy management services and IoT devices that could be integrated in the platform for modernizing any type of building.

Additionally, the approach created for a common data ontology in the energy domain within the context of the Data Cellar project as well as the related interoperability difficulties were discussed with our partner Anastasis Tzoumpas from UBITECH as representative of the project. Attendees were also able to understand how businesses are bridging the gap between research activities and solution delivery for clients and business partners through a care study. Lessons learnt, best practices and practical advices will be possibly provided to contribute to the Smart2B research.

To find out more about the platform and discover more please follow the following webinar Series on: Smart2B