Online Workshop on Energy Data Space organised by the EnTEC

Webinar from ENTEC

On May 16th, 2023, the Energy Transition Expertise Centre EnTEC coordinated by Fraunhofer hosted the first of two online workshops on energy data spaces. With the objective of better understanding where policymakers may offer support and where the industry should be taking its next steps, this proactive workshop brought together relevant stakeholders from the energy community.


EnTEC was established to address the issues surrounding the transition to clean energy, achieve the objectives of the Green Deal, and build a more sustainable society. The EnTEC experts monitor and analyse emerging innovations and technologies that are important for the energy transition in the energy sector as well as in cities, buildings, homes, and the industrial, digital, and industrial sectors.

The EnTEC analyses how new technologies and innovations will affect the energy transition and makes policy recommendations and responses that will help to direct this transition’s effects on other industries as well as its interactions with other policy areas.


The workshop focused on four main areas: 


  • main energy data (metering & consumption)
  • data for flexibility services (aggregation)
  • electric vehicles / charging data
  • building related prosumer appliance data


The participants, spread out in three smaller groups, identified the pain/challenge points for data sharing in terms of flexibility provision, and how relevant are these for policymakers. Moreover, what does the industry need to solve the pain points for data sharing and how could we improve the flexibility provision using Energy Data Space technology. 


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