Initiatives related to DATA CELLAR

  • Interoperability Network for the Energy Transition (
    • Timeline: 05/2022 – 04/2025
    • Budget: EUR 5M
    • Consortium: 12 partners in 7 countries
    • Objectives:
      • Consolidating a common knowledge base for interoperability activities
        on energy services in Europe
      • Developing a comprehensive and accepted Interoperability Maturity
        Model (IMM)
      • Deploying a framework for interoperability testing in a network of
        interoperability testing facilities
      • Fostering a community network for a European interoperability


  • OMEGA-X:
    • Timeline: 05/2022 – 04/2025
    • Budget: EUR 8M
    • Consortium: 30 partners
    • Objectives:
      • Quantifiable improvements in all 4 UC families (decarbonisation, efficiency, renewable penetration, engagement)
      • Full interoperability, new overnance models, new services, new business models, industry and cross-industry alliances
      • Safe data tracking, break data siloes, lower costs of data usage and increase data availability


  • European commoN EneRgy dataSpace framework enabling data sHaring-driven Across- and beyond- eneRgy sErvices (ENERSHARE):
    • Timeline: 07/2022 – 06/2025
    • Budget: ~ EUR 9.5M (EU= EUR 8M)
    • Consortium: 29 partners in 11 countries
    • Objectives:
      • To enable the European Common Energy DataSpace which will deploy an ‘intra-energy’ and ‘cross-sector’ interoperable and trusted Energy
        Data Ecosystem where…
        • …private consumers, business (energy and non-energy) stakeholders and regulated operators will be able to access, share and reuse, based upon
        voluntary agreements (or legal obligations where such obligations are in force): (1) Large sources of currently fragmented and dispersed data; (2) Data-driven cross-value chain (energy and non-energy) services and Digital Twins for various purposes.


    • Timeline: 09/2022 – 08-2026
    • Budget: (info not available)
    • Consortium: 22 partners in 10 countries
    • Objectives:
      • Deliver a reference implementation for an Energy Data Space, properly integrating cutting edge big data management technologies, enabling  interoperable communication and exchange with heterogeneous data sources and platforms.
      • Increase involvement of energy data value chain stakeholders, and especially prosumers, in knowledge sharing into a data sharing-driven ecosystem that promotes data re-usability for business value generation.
      • Deliver a bundle of data-driven and intelligence-enabled digital solutions and energy services to effectively contribute to energy system decarbonization and consumer empowerment.
      • Promote SYNERGIES as a reference implementation for a European Energy Data Space through intense dissemination and knowledge transfer of the project’s outcomes.
      • Widely validate the resulting data and energy solutions in 3 representative demo sites


  • European Distributed Data Infrastructure for Energy (EDDIE):
    • Timeline: 01/2023 – 12/2025
    • Budget: info not available
    • Consortium: 19 partners
    • Objectives:
      • Residential real-time data sharing which is secure, reliable, trusted and consent-based


  • Aligning Reference Architectures, Open Platforms and Large-Scale Pilots in Digitising European Industry (OPEN DEI):
    • Timeline: 09/2019 –
    • Budget: info not available
    • Consortium: 10 partners in four coutries
    • Objectives: OPEN DEI strives to implement all efforts for the benefit of the target projects’ ecosystem::
      • Task Forces to collectively address medium to long term challenges to be initiated by current projects but fully implemented by next generation HEP or DEP initiatives (e.g. Data Spaces; Business Ecosystems; Twin Transition)
      • Working Groups to specifically address short term issues and contribute to projects’ objectives and deliverables


GAIA-X: The Gaia-X association brings together industry, politics, government, research, academic, technical and scientific leaders from Europe and beyond to collaborate on the next generation of trusted data infrastructures.