DATA CELLAR unlocking the potential of Open Data: Insights from the webinar on “New business models for data-driven services”


In a dynamic digital landscape, the harnessing of data has become predominant, transcending mere information into a catalyst for innovation and societal progress. The recent webinar titled “New business models for data-driven services” organised by data.europa academy, addressed the topic of unlocking the potential of open data, with notable speakers highlighting its transformative power.

DATA CELLAR envisions a future where citizens and energy operators collaborate to drive the energy transition, leveraging renewable energy sources and efficient technologies. As such, understanding the intricacies of open data business models becomes crucial for realising this vision.

Anna Pizzamiglio, Research Associate and Project Manager at the Lisbon Council, emphasised the pivotal role of open data in shaping new business models. She underscored how open data not only fosters transparency but also fuels innovation, stimulates economic growth, and empowers citizens. By adopting a business-driven approach, stakeholders can effectively leverage public data resources to create sustainable value-added services.

Enrico Ferro, Head of Strategic Advisory at LINKS Foundation, which is indeed one of the partners of DATA CELLAR, delved deeper into the opportunities presented by open data business models. He outlined the open data value chain, from its generation to consumption. Through strategic design choices and innovative pricing mechanisms, organisations can capitalise on the economic potential of open data while ensuring equitable access. By categorising different types of data elaboration and exploring various pricing mechanisms, Enrico Ferro shared the diverse business model options available.


Synergies with DATA CELLAR

The information discussed during this webinar hold significant relevance for DATA CELLAR, which aims to establish a federated energy dataspace supporting the development of local energy communities in the EU. By leveraging open data and innovative business models discussed in the webinar, the project can enhance its approach to creating, managing, and integrating energy data within the communities.

Moreover, the insights shared regarding the value chain, pricing mechanisms, and strategic design choices offer valuable guidance for DATA CELLAR in optimising its data utilisation strategies and service delivery.


Shift towards Open Data

The webinar concluded with a call for a paradigm shift in how we perceive and utilise open data. It emphasised the need to transition from viewing open data as a legal obligation to recognising it as an operational necessity and strategic asset. This shift, from cost to opportunity, represents a fundamental transformation in the way organisations approach data utilisation.


As we embrace the era of open data-driven services, collaboration and innovation will be key drivers of success. The webinar underscored the importance of a collaborative effort to harness the full potential of open data, paving the way for a larger, smarter, and more secure data economies.

In conclusion, the “New business models for data-driven services” webinar provided valuable insights into the transformative power of open data. Its emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and strategic utilisation aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the DATA CELLAR project, highlighting the immense potential for open data to drive positive change across different sectors.