Empowering Energy Transition: Highlights from the BRIDGE Final Event

Energy transition - BRIDGE final event

The BRIDGE final event held last 20 June 2023 brought together industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers to highlight the achievements and collaborative efforts in advancing the energy transition. The event focused on key discussions and presentations from various stakeholders within the energy sector.

Vincent Berrutto, representing DG ENER, emphasized the importance of achieving 42.5% renewables by 2030, highlighting the need for flexible solutions and the implementation of the Action Plan for Digitalization in smart energy systems. Berrutto also acknowledged the significant input from BRIDGE and ETIP SNET in the Electricity Market Design (EMD) Reform, emphasising the need for practitioner insights to shape the future of the energy landscape.

Robert Goodchild from CINEA emphasised their role in supporting project procurement and coordination to achieve their objectives. Projects such as OSMOSE, focusing on cross-border energy sources, and Norela Constantinescu, ETIP SNET Chair, talked about the pivoting governance between ETIP SNET (“Looking ahead to develop roadmaps”) and BRIDGE (“Pillar that implements the actions”).

The event witnessed discussions on various topics, including digitalization, net-zero adaptation, and the importance of stakeholder collaboration. Participants stressed the significance of regulatory sandboxes and shared use cases from industrial perspectives, demonstrating the need for a common digital infrastructure to connect energy spaces and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Antonello Monti, representing the Consumer and citizen Engagement (CCE) and Data Management (DM) working groups, highlighted the importance of the ONE:NET connector for data spaces, underlining the necessity for a unified approach at the European level. Skills development, common glossaries, and the inclusion of social indicators in projects emerged as areas requiring further attention.

Santiago Gallego, representing the collaboration between WG1 of ETIP SNET and Bridge Regulation WG, emphasized the value of cooperation beyond ETIP SNET, extending partnerships to other initiatives like ISGAN. The event also showcased emerging communities and their contributions through various papers, emphasizing the need for ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

ETIP SNET Vice Chair, Luis Cunha, highlighted the future role of ETIP SNET, including the development of a policy paper on dataspacse, the impact on regulatory frameworks, and the creation of playbooks within CCE WG, among other initiatives. Cunha acknowledged that ETIP SNET reflects the needs collected from BRIDGE, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach.

In conclusion, the BRIDGE final event highlighted the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in achieving a successful energy transition. The event served as a platform to connect stakeholders, exchange ideas, and foster innovation, ultimately paving the way for a sustainable energy future.


As we witnessed during the General Assembly, BRIDGE is a crucial initiative for DATA CELLAR. The collaboration plays a pivotal role in the BRIDGE initiative, fostering synergies among diverse stakeholders and driving collective efforts towards a sustainable energy future. Using BRIDGE as a platform for collaboration, DATA CELLAR is bound to contribute to the analysis and development of outputs, thus supporting the consecutive decision-making process.