FAEN on its mission to address energy needs within its region through DATA CELLAR

FAEN is the Asturian Energy Foundation, working as the Regional Energy Agency for Asturias (Spain), which is an independent entity with full legal capacity, governed and oversighted by a variety of stakeholders, including public institutions and private organizations. It addresses and meets energy and sustainability needs in multiple locations within the region, as it counts with workplaces in three different areas (Mieres, Llanera and Tineo).

The primary mission of FAEN revolves around the promotion, execution, and advancement of various activities related to sustainable energy. These encompass advisory services, technological development and demonstration projects, promotion initiatives, awareness campaigns, and educational programs.

FAEN’s scope includes a wide spectrum within the energy sector, spanning all aspects from energy sources, infrastructures, and generation technologies to energy transformation, transportation, storage, and utilization. Additionally, it delves into energy management, regulatory frameworks, energy market dynamics, industrial supply chain and financial aspects pertinent to energy matters. Furthermore, FAEN’s focus also includes concerns related to environmental sustainability and other subjects connected to energy matters.

The Foundation actively undertakes various energy-related activities, such as conducting studies, strategic planning, information, dissemination, audits, training sessions, consultations, and advisory services. It also participates in technological demonstration and innovation related to energy and financially supports energy projects.

Overall, FAEN’s examines the region’s energy requirements and defines their more sustainable supply, aligning with predefined objectives and international commitments that Spain is obligated to meet.

Which is the role of FAEN in DATA CELLAR?

Within the DATA CELLAR project, FAEN plays a pivotal role with the Energy Community of Bimenes (Asturias) as a Validation Case (VC). This is an inspiring example of a rural energy community in the region of Asturias that consists of a mining coal region in an energy transition process affected by coal mine closures and the phase out of coal power plants.

As other regions facing energy poverty and currently undergoing a transition, Bimenes is currently experiencing depopulation and an aging population. Therefore, FAEN promotes and supports initiatives for the development of this rural environment.

As a representative of a VC, FAEN actively participates in the project’s activities, contributing with its expertise and insights into the development and implementation of the energy data space. The organization is involved in several key aspects of the project: validating services and tools offered by the DATA CELLAR platform; providing feedback and inputs, in terms of usability, functionality and relevance to the energy sector; and participating in testing and evaluation of the platform’s ability to provide reliable and up-to-date energy data and its effectiveness in supporting LEC activities.

Why is FAEN important for the DATA CELLAR project?

FAEN’s involvement as representative of a Validation Case in the DATA CELLAR project is significant for several reasons:

Real-World Validation: FAEN represents a real-world energy community providing valuable insights into the practical applicability and effectiveness of the platform in a live environment.

Regional Expertise: FAEN possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in the energy sector, particularly within the Asturias region, which enhances the project’s ability to address region-specific challenges and opportunities related to energy data management and utilization.

Stakeholder Engagement: FAEN facilitates engagement with various stakeholders, including local authorities, energy companies, and community members.

Feedback Loop: FAEN’s active participation ensures a continuous feedback loop between the project’s development team and end-users.

In summary, FAEN’s role as a representative of a Validation Case in the DATA CELLAR project brings real-world insights, regional expertise, and stakeholder engagement to the table. This participation is vital for developing a robust and effective energy data space that aligns with the needs and priorities of local energy communities and contributes to the broader goals of sustainable energy transition and climate action.


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