EMAC’s impact on Cascais through DATA CELLAR

Cascais Ambiente

The Cascais Municipality, located in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area in Portugal, covers an area of 97 square kilometers and is home to around 216,000 residents along its 30-kilometer coastline. It faces significant challenges due to changing climate patterns, dealing with the direct impacts of biodiversity loss, habitat degradation, increased coastal erosion, and more frequent and severe rapid floods. These environmental changes endanger our infrastructure and communities. Furthermore, unpredictable weather patterns have negative effects on local agricultural production, influencing our regional economy. 

The Cascais town hall is leading the local government’s strong response to these climate challenges. At the core of our actions is the careful implementation of a comprehensive Climate Change Action Plan and Carbon Neutrality Roadmap. Cascais presented Portugal’s first carbon neutrality roadmap aiming to transform our energy matrix by 2050. Currently, roughly 53% of the emissions are related to transportation and around 40% are electricity production related emissions. In Portugal, there is a heavily centralized electricity grid management and distribution, so all the households and infrastructure get energy from that scope. The is only a very a residual renewable local energy production. For Cascais to further the energy transition, there is a significant demand for information regarding electricity consumptions from households, services and commerce and other relevant infrastructure. 

In line with the Cascais Municipality’s dedication to sustainable development and climate resilience, EMAC- Cascais Ambiente plays a crucial role. Established as part of the environmental branch of the Cascais Municipality, EMAC’s main goal is to promote environmental stewardship and sustainability within the municipality. 

EMAC- Cascais Ambiente is a key driver behind Cascais’ ambitious Climate Change Action Plan and Carbon Neutrality Roadmap, guiding us towards a sustainable and resilient future. 


Which is the role of EMAC in DATA CELLAR? 

EMAC- Cascais Ambiente assumes a pivotal role within the DATA CELLAR project as a central hub for harnessing real-time energy consumption data from public buildings, captured at 15-minute intervals. By leveraging this granular level of data, EMAC- Cascais Ambiente provides insights into energy usage patterns, enabling precise analysis and informed decision-making. 

Furthermore, it serves as an intermediary between the project and municipal stakeholders, fostering collaboration and engagement. Through its extensive local knowledge and established partnerships, EMAC facilitates dialogue with municipal authorities and residents, encouraging their active participation in the project. By acting as a conduit for communication and collaboration, ensures that the DATA CELLAR project receives essential input and feedback from diverse stakeholders, thereby enhancing its effectiveness and relevance. 


Why is EMAC important for the DATA CELLAR project? 

EMAC’s role extends beyond data management to encompass stakeholder engagement and partnership development, contributing to the success of DATA CELLAR in advancing environmental innovation and sustainability efforts. 

In addition to supporting energy communities, EMAC- Cascais Ambiente plays an important role in assessing the feasibility of self-consumption of solar power. Using real-time data and analytical tools, it empowers citizens to evaluate the economic and environmental impacts of utilizing solar energy. This approach fosters innovation and drives the expansion of solar solutions, thereby hastening the transition to renewable energy sources. 

Furthermore, EMAC integrates electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions into its framework, analysing energy consumption patterns, and evaluating the effects of EV adoption on households and infrastructure. By emphasizing the link between renewable energy generation and transportation electrification, it contributes to the development of comprehensive energy management strategies. 

Cascais Ambiente also encourages interaction and knowledge sharing through gamification processes embedded in its platforms. By promoting participation in energy communities, sharing of data, and fostering inquiries, it creates a vibrant environment for mutual learning and collaboration. This not only enhances stakeholders’ understanding of energy dynamics but also instils a sense of collective ownership and dedication to sustainable energy practices. 

EMAC- Cascais Ambiente serves as the cornerstone of the DATA CELLAR project in Cascais, driving data-driven decision-making, empowering stakeholders, and propelling the advancement of innovative energy strategies. 


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