“Digital Tool for Energy Communities’’ – Alexandra Institute

’Digital Tool for Energy Communities’’ webinar on May 10th, 2023

Danish organisation “Alexandra Institute” hosted ‘’Digital Tool for Energy Communities’’ webinar on May 10th, 2023. The main topics of webinar were citizens engagement in energy transitions and dialogue on energy communities.

Data Cellar project was presented by expert Efthymiou Venizelos. The project has 31 partners with Zabala Innovation as leader in communication and dissemination activities- and is a data hub that aims to promote creation of local energy communities. The expert explained that the data cellar will develop a dynamic, interoperable, energy-oriented data platform, to support the creation and operation of Energy Communities. The main objectives of the project are (i) to deliver data driven energy services to support the energy transition, (ii) development, validation and demonstration of a dynamic data hub, (iii) DLT-based open marketplace and novel business models and (iv) implementing privacy and cyber security by design.

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